Patrick Horsman Foundation

Mission of the Patrick Horsman Foundation

Helping future entrepreneurs realize their dreams through educational financial support.

Patrick Horsman

“Through the Patrick Horsman Foundation we want to create opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders and ensure they have all the resources they need in order to succeed.” - Patrick B. Horsman

Meet our founder

Patrick B. Horsman began his career in hedge funds and private equity before turning his attention to education. Through his foundation, Patrick strives to ensure that America’s best and brightest aren’t held back from a successful future just because they can’t afford to attend a post-secondary institution.


growth mindset illustration

Patrick Horsman: Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Our thoughts are powerful. The way you think about yourself and the things you feel about yourself have the power to influence your personal and professional life. Over time, those thoughts you constantly tell yourself will develop into a mindset that dictates your entire personality. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, tells us that a mindset is a simple idea that profoundly affects a person’s life. She says that this view you adopt for yourself will determine how you live your life, see the world, and make decisions. Patrick Horsman advises aspiring entrepreneurs that mindset is no small thing - your perceptions about your abilities will inevitably shape the way you operate. 

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